Tuesday, February 15, 2011


So yesterday was Valentine's Day...a highly commercialized day filled with chocolate hearts, flowers and balloons.  I actually learned the history of St. Valentine (he secretly married soldiers that were forbid to wed and was jailed and beheaded for it). Gore. He was a prisoner for love...sometimes I feel that way. 

Anywho, so I had a conversation with a dear male friend that could have gone on for days if we had allowed it. We spoke of the double standards for men and women and basically how women are supposed to carry themselves a certain way and not be promiscuous...but this does not apply to men since their clout comes from how many women they bed. WTF?! I was informed that, indeed, monogamy is past tense. In this convo we also discussed cheating and what in his male mind he considered to be such.  My jaw hit the floor!  Apparently if there is no emotional attachment there is no cheating. But mighty funny he argued that is only the case for men since there is no such thing as emotionless sex for women. Whoa.

This little chit chat of ours was very insightful for me.  He allowed me to drill in his head and he gave the most honest answers I think I have ever received.  In doing so he revealed that many, many men have this same philosophy that having sex with someone  that you care nothing about is NOT cheating.  I beg to differ.

We went on to talk about love and marriage...his view - Only in marriage should someone be 100% committed.  We are otherwise single.  My view - If you don't want to commit, don't.  I'm a realist and I say if you don't want to be with one person then at least disclose it to all parties involved...if you are single and free to mingle what is there to hide?  At least that way all parties involved can decide for themselves if they want to partake in the relationship.

His words "Mistakes happen." This is a troubled world we live in.

I do not believe that all love is lost. What happened to the belief in true love?  What happened to one man having one woman and vice versa?  Is this ancient history?  As a little girl I always dreamed of being a wife and having a family.  Were my dreams in vain? I refuse to believe so! 

I would love to have your thoughts/opinions/comments!

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  1. Miss Jones! I share the same outlook as you. Adults in particular should be able to have mature conversations about every bit of their activities, public and private. Whether or not both parties continue to pursue the "relationship" after this knowledge should be an open conversation but.....for some reason it never works out this way. Good food for thought!