Friday, December 30, 2011

Food Review - Cowboy Brazilian Steakhouse

So, it has been a long time coming but here it is.  My first trip to Cowboy Brazilian Steakhouse was less than stellar, but I believe in second chances. My friends and I decided it was time to hang out since it had been a while since we all got together. I don't remember who picked the place, but Cowboy was selected.

Cowboy is situated in downtown Columbia, right across from the Columbia Metropolitan Museum of Art. It's cute, it's clean and the food is A-MAZING! I'm glad I decided to give them a second chance. And in fact, I've been back several times.

We had a party of about 10 women. Most of which had never been to a Brazilian Steakhouse. I think it was all thumbs up. From the polenta fries, the fried bananas, the amazing salad bar and all of the delicious meat selection...everything was a hit. I don't think some of the girls were ready for the meat fest...and they all kept looking at me as I gorged wondering where I still had room to hold food.

The salad bar hosts amazing hot and cold dishes. Of the hot dishes I think the mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy were the biggest hit. Of the cold dishes...hands down the chicken salad wins. Matter of fact, I could just eat that chicken salad and nothing else. That's saying a lot because I typically don't eat anything mixed with mayo, but you can't even taste it! It's like a cloud of joy in your mouth!

Anywho, if you have a few extra bucks to spend (and make sure you have time to sample everything) I recommend you give them a try. The staff is nice and attentive and they serve Pepsi products :).

In case anyone from Cowboy is reading this, I would love to have a dinner giveaway on my blog!!


Cowboy Brazilian Steakhouse
1508 Main Street, Columbia, SC 29201
Hours: Mon-Sun 11:30am - 2pm and 4pm-10pm

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