Friday, December 30, 2011

Food Review - Pasta Fresca

You know how you ride past a restaurant and wonder..."What does their food taste like?" Pasta Fresca was one of those places for me. So I went once and it was really good and I always said I need to go back. As a graduation gift, one of my coworkers gave me a gift certificate and that was among the best of my gifts!

So this restaurant sits in an awkward position with not much parking space (in fact we parked in Kroger's parking lot). It's right on Forest Drive in Columbia/Forest Acres. But I think their Facebook page says they will be moving to another location soon.

This was my first experience with fresh pasta. Once you have fresh pasta you NEVER want to eat boxed pasta again! You also will not want to eat at the traditional chain Italian restaurants...I'm just saying.

The restaurant is intimate and I love the decor...matter of fact, I have some of the same prints in my guest bedroom (waiting to hang on the beautifully painted walls). From the moment I walked in I felt welcomed. We had a table that gave us a view of the food being prepared and I found myself staring in amazement.

So I decided to order the loaded bread. OMG! If I could eat bread as much as I'd like to...this would be the only bread I'd eat!!!
I think we started eating it before I took the judgement :)

So I don't remember the exact names of the dishes that we had...but mine was shrimp, scallops, artichoke hearts, and roasted peppers with the spinach spaghetti. The shrimp was huge, everything was perfectly It was good! Words cannot explain the joy in my mouth. I.Ate.The.Entire.Bowl. I mean every last drop. If I could have licked the bowl, I would have.
My bestie, and usual dinner companion, had a super tasty dish too. Yes I tasted hers :). I think she had shrimp and sausage with the fetuccini noodles? Tamiko correct me if I'm wrong (you better read my blog!).

Food is what I love. To cook to eat to experience. After I am off this restrictive diet (due to a recent surgery) one of my first stops will be Pasta Fresca.

Continue the good work! I wish you much success in the new year and in years to come!


Pasta Fresca
3405 Forest Drive, Columbia, SC 29204


  1. You know... I've never been to Pasta Fresca either! I drive by it 10 times a week and I've never been. Crazy. This post (especially that bread) makes it a must do on my list!

  2. When you try it be sure to tell me how you like it...but I'm sure you will love it!