Saturday, December 24, 2011

One Step At A Time

Hello Readers! I hope you are reading this in the best of health and spirits! Allow me to first say Happy Holidays! I hope that everyone is able to celebrate with their loved ones.

This has been a rough week for me. The procedure that I had been putting off since February has finally been completed. It is a difficult transition, but God is my pilot so I know I will get through it. The procedure is called Nissen Fundoplication (the laproscopic one). My stay in the hospital was actually much shorter than I anticipated. Even the nurses were surprised that they sent me home 24 hours after such a serious surgery. But I guess they had much faith in the hands of their surgeons...but I suspect they needed that bed in ICU. Which I guess it was fine because I am now up and about and able to sit up and write this blog post. Thank God.

I was beyond nervous, having never had anything cut on my body before. But I knew that everything would be OK and there was no need to worry. They had me sitting in the pre-operation room for like 2 hours and that had me kind of ticked because I could have still been asleep lol. I'm not sure how long the actual operation took. The last thing I remember was them saying "injecting Propofol" and my mind went into a frenzy because that's what MJ overdosed on. Then half a second later I was asleep. And then I remember one of the nurses saying "I'm glad I didn't eat breakfast because that was nasty." I wanted to say something but I was still kinda out and the breathing tube was still down my throat. My mom was worried because it took me over an hour to wake up from the anesthesia and she thought I had slipped into a coma. Little does she know I was...totally out of it.

But a few hours later, I was awake and hooked up to a morphine pump in the ICU. After a very unpleasant night of no rest, the next morning one of the doctors told me I would be going home. Of course I'm like "NOOO I don't think I'm ready!" But I guess the fact that I wasn't moaning and complaining and I got up to walk around they were convinced otherwise. So with my 5 incisions in my belly that was still full of carbon dioxide, I went home.

I've only had to call them once to adjust my pain medicine--which I was hoping would put me to sleep, but no such luck. Today I haven't taken any pain medicine since 6am and I feel pretty good...but I'm still taking it easy and moving a little slow.

I thought the hardest part was going to be the liquid diet. But I don't have much of an appetite and find myself force drinking lol. I hate Ensure and I hate Boost. Period. I'm in love with Sherbet though...and all my life I've been saying and spelling S-H-E-R-B-E-R-T but apparently that is incorrect. Four days post operation I'm 4 pounds down...but I'm sure the second I can eat some meat it will come back lol.

The biggest issue was purely emotional, but I'm over it. I thank God for my mom. She has truly been my rock. And I've taken her advice and decided not to post the incision pictures lol. I feel like I should show my battle scars!! HEHE :). Some of my friends have also been incredible. I thank those of you that came to give my mom some relief and tolerate my ramblings and gas. And to those that couldn't make it by, but still called to talk to me even when I was heavily sedated and even I didn't know what I was talking are angels :)

Now I look forward to going to see the lights at Saluda Shoals tonight and just getting out of the house.

I wish all of you Happy Holidays and I pray that God keeps you safe and warm (or cool). Thank you for reading my blog!


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