Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Look At Me Now!

It’s been a little under 2 months since I had my gastric bypass Nissen Fundoplication surgery (laparoscopic). Overall the results are fantastic! I haven’t had a single flare up of acid reflux and that makes me so happy! I had my second follow up appointment today and the doctors seemed pleased as well.

Aside from resolving the issue with the hiatal hernia and esophagus destroying acid reflux, I have had another MAJOR benefit. I’ve lost a whopping 18 pounds. Yep me…back in the err uh smaller numbers LOL. I lost most of it in the first two and a half weeks and for the past three weeks I have been holding steady at uh said current weight.

While the surgery wasn’t designed to make you lose weight, your diet is sooo restricted that you seriously have no other choice. The first couple of weeks were pure torture! But with my slimmer thighs and midsection that is as far as my complaints will go!

So the things that I have to get over are:

·         Taking smaller bites so nothing gets stuck and I don’t choke (while drinking a lot more fluids)

·         Being aware of the things that cause me to swallow more air like chewing gum and drinking from a straw

·         Ferocious gas. And I do mean ferocious. But usually Gas-X cures that. Otherwise no one is usually around to witness it LOL. And the doctor said this will go away in time

·         I can’t eat like I used to – which helps to keep the weight off.  I take a couple bites and I’m stuffed, but usually I have leftovers for my next meal

·         I can’t drink beer or sodas (which is a good thing) because they ENCOURAGE the production of gas

·         Sometimes I will be bloated. Especially when I make bad food choices

·         I will have scars on my belly. But hopefully this Mederma will minimize that.

The surgery was serious and there could have been many complications. Thank God I didn’t have any. So to anyone that is thinking about having this surgery (and if you have reflux bad enough you will think about it) I say go for it. My activity is still restricted (no abdominal exercises for at least 2 more months) but I don’t think I was really planning on doing any anytime soon anyway HA! I saved money because I couldn’t eat out for a few weeks lol. My results have been amazing for me and the fact that I can sleep in a lying position gives me great joy.

When I researched this procedure, there were so many negative/unsuccessful stories that I almost talked myself out of it. But thank goodness for the positive stories because they encouraged me to go forward with it. So, if you are a candidate for this procedure, I strongly advise you to stay away from the message boards. Talk to your doctor and decide from there what is best for you and your situation.

As for me, I am acid reflux, hiatal hernia, and esophageal stricture free and loving it!



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