Monday, April 23, 2012

It Was All Good!

I remember a time when I used to live for the weekend. Now I hardly ever have anything planned. This past weekend was an exception. I had various activities planned with friends and my church family so I knew it would be a busy weekend. Everything didn't go as I expected, but I figure...God has a plan and everything works out as it should. Overall, the weekend was awesome!

Friday, I got off work and was close to starving. My friend and I decided to try this restaurant that I ran across in a local newspaper. Mudbone's Swamp Shack. When we pulled up, my friend said "This is it?" It is a very small establishment with only about 10 tables. We got there right as a catering order was being filled and had to wait a while before we actually got our food. But let me tell you, it was worth the wait! Usually we have to drive down to Charleston to get such awesome seafood. I am glad we found this place. And it's practically in my backyard. The owner, Lisa (I think it was Lisa), was very nice and came to check on us often and even chatted a bit. She has been in this location for about a year. I see her needing to expand soon!

I ordered a small Steamer bucket and some oysters. I was in heaven. The only thing I would have changed is the size of my stomach so that I could eat more! Their drink selections are also very reasonably priced and from the moment you walk in you feel like family. I definitely recommend Mudbone's to any lover of Seafood, Cajun and Creole dishes. The next time I will be sure to try the shrimp and grits! Oh! And they make their beignets from scratch!! Take THAT Cafe' Du Monde! LOL

After I ate all that goodness, I went home, took a shower and went to bed :)

Visit them!

So then Saturday, I got up at 6:30am...because I went to bed so early the night before...and cleaned the house. A new movie was opening that I was kind of anxious to see, so, I figured it would be popular and I didn't want to pay $10.50 to go to the I caught the 10:15am movie for $5. People were lined outside of the theater before they even opened to catch this movie. I didn't know people woke up that early on Saturdays! The theater was JAM PACKED!

The movie was Think Like A Man based on Steve Harvey's Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man book.

You know how sometimes you see funny previews and when you go to see the movie those are the only funny parts in it? Don't you hate that?! I know I do. Well this movie was NOTHING like that! The entire movie was hilarious and had an amazing storyline and star-studded cast. They didn't even over-power one another. In fact the movie was so good, I would pay $5 to go and see it again! It was #1 in theaters this weekend grossing over $3 million. Awesomeness. Way to go Steve! So if you haven't seen it, I suggest you go!

I hope your weekend was awesome as well and I pray each and every one of you has a blessed upcoming week!


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