Monday, April 9, 2012

A lovely Easter

Easter is one of my favorite holidays, not because we get the day off, but because I am eternally grateful for God's love and that He sacrificed His Son for our sins. The weekend started off roughly...with a migraine. So much stress led me to be bedridden when I needed to be at work. In spite of it all, it was a great weekend.

I was ambitious and decided to bake a red velvet cheesecake for a recipe that I found on Pinterest but can be found here. I won't list out the entire recipe because I want to include some other fabulousness in this post...and I don't want it to be too long.

Here is the link:

I was a nervous wreck as I had never made a cheesecake before. So worried in fact, that I bugged my friend Tamela telling her I had destroyed it and I wanted to just throw it in the trash. Tricky little things those cheesecakes are. I didn't think it was done because it still looked jiggly...and it ended up cracking (insert sad face). But since it was to be layered between two cakes I didn't toss it out. I gave it a chance lol. And I must say this is a superb recipe!! Just follow the directions! So for all the people that requested me to make one...I am sharing this recipe so you can make your own :). Just be sure to follow the directions...and prepare the cheesecake at least a day ahead.


I also made up a recipe for squash casserole. I looked up a million recipes and none of them tickled my fancy. This is what I came up with...and it was delicious! I didn't measure anything (sorry) I just went with it.

Diced squash and zucchini (I had a bunch I needed to cook)
Butter Crackers ( I used Walmart brand)
Sharp Cheddar
Italian Cheese blend
Eggs (3)
Milk (a cup?)
Sour Cream
Seasonings of your choice
Chopped Garlic

If anyone wants the directions just post a comment and I will try my best! But here is a picture of the end result. It was a crowd pleaser!

I also was waiting for an occasion to make this punch that I also got wind of on Pinterest.

At first I was not pleased and I got the nasty foam at the top (probably due to rushing) even though I followed the instructions and tips. But after the raspberry flavor meshed...I couldn't stop drinking it! Seriously! When I was leaving I didn't have a way to take the drink canister...I thought about borrowing my sister's car seat. It was that serious LOL but sooo delicious! You should try it!!

We had a great weekend and now I need to kick my feet up...anybody want to rub them? :-)
I hope your Resurrection Sunday was nice as well. I hope you all have a great week!

Now, if I could just get this "Pin It" button to function properly...


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