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Restaurant Review - M Fresh

It's been crazy busy in both my work and home life. I don't think I have turned my stove on in the past 2 weeks! Needless to say, today I didn't have lunch. Earlier in the week I survived on leftovers from barbecues that I went to over the Memorial Day holiday.

I ate way too much pork and decided I needed to lighten it up a bit today. I work downtown so I have an abundance of options...most of which are only open for breakfast/lunch.

I was totally supposed to meet my pal Jennifer for lunch, but again, work was busy and I had no clue what time I would be eating. It ended up being an hour after my normal time. I think she forgot about it anyway... I. Was. Hungry.

I decided to venture to a newer restaurant that boasts on being fresh and clean... M Fresh. The restaurant is owned by a lady that owns a few...well quite a few...other restaurants in the area. Her name is Michelle Wang. But she has M Vista, M Cafe, the chain of Miyo's...all super yummy. I actually met her a few years ago in one of her locations and she was super sweet.

I was a little disappointed at first because it took 10 minutes for the server to come and take my drink order. But I was excited to try something new and they were hella crowded. So I peeped the scene...did I just say that? Yes I did! LOL. It is a cute and simple, open space that is very contemporarily decorated.  I think I just made that word up. It was visually pleasing, but the lunch crowd was loud. I didn't mind so much since I was eating alone and had no one to talk to :(. I think the hostess picked up on my anxiety. She gave me some Asian Slaw to nibble on while I waited. I wasn't really impressed. It needed some spice or tang or something. But it was a kind gesture and was greatly appreciated.

This did not leave me excited about the food I was to receive. So the waiter finally came and I ordered a Raspberry Mojito Tea and a Fantastic Flounder Sandwich with Cucumber Salad. Here is the description from the menu:
Fantastic Flounder ....................................................$7.95
Baked ginger flounder with lettuce, tomato and baked 
eggplant on multi-grain bread with apricot spread

It lived up to the description. It was fantastic! I think this was the best fish sandwich I have ever tasted. Ever. I cleaned my plate and almost asked for seconds. The cucumber salad was equally delicious. 

I am sure I will incorporate M Fresh in my dining out for lunch experience...sans the Asian Slaw. You can eat fresh, and it's pretty inexpensive. And I LOVE that they serve the food on cool wooden eat-ware...yep another made up word. Great job M Fresh!

Visit their website for the touching story of why they decided to open M Fresh.

M Fresh
Open M-F 9am-6pm
1237 Washington Street
Columbia, SC 29201
Visit them on the web at

If you try it, let me know! Maybe we can meet for lunch!



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