Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dry Idea GIVEAWAY!!!

The makers of Dry Idea sent me some deodorant to test. I was a little skeptical because they sent me a roll on. I haven't used a roll on deodorant...like ever. When I got the package in the mail I flashed back to the days of Tussy when you had to dip and rub. Don't make me seem crazy, I know y'all remember Tussy!!! LOL

So I decided to give it a try. I was a little nervous because of the timing of my "trial run." I was on the way to the club. I was nervous that I would 1. have this runny residue on my dress and 2. that it would not last. And I would be the girl in the club smelling like onions.

Much to my satisfaction, neither occurred! It felt nasty going on but it dried quickly. I have this thing about textures and wetness...so it may not weird anybody else on the planet out, but I had to hold my arms above my head so I didn't totally spazz! Like my bio says, I'm weird!

So all in all, it's a great product. It didn't leave that build-up like some solid deodorants do and it lasted. I can't say 24 hours because I take multiple showers...this South Carolina heat! But it works. Kudos to the makers of Dry Idea!! I used it for about a week and I'm still using it. I just have to give myself time to  let it dry! (Don't judge me!)

And so in keeping with the spirit of sharing, I have a GIVEAWAY!!! YAY!!!

Please "Like" the Dry Idea Facebook page

Once you have Liked the page, fill out the form below and you will be entered to win a coupon for a free Dry Idea product!

Congrats to Tamiko and Kemberlye!!!

Also you may visit this link for a chance to win more prizes!! http://insiders.purex.com/dryidea?id_18980
Good Luck to everyone that enters!!



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