Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ants Be Gone...Maybe? And a Giveaway!

As a fabulous blogger, I am afforded with many opportunities to test and write reviews for products. And I love that aspect of blogging. I think the people need to know the truth! So here I am to deliver to you my truth.

Products of the day

Combat Source Kill MAX
Now when I originally got sequestered (is that the right word?) to do this review I saw ants. Since receiving the kit in the mail...things changed. I guess all the rain we were getting washed the ants away! I even planted an open, licked lollipop to see if they would swarm! They didn't swarm!

So that left me to ask around if somebody else had issues with ants. Apparently every body's ants got washed away! I did use the gel in hopes that these earwigs that always find a way into my house would eat it, take back home, and die.

Has it worked? Not for the earwigs. They still find their way in. So here is what I can tell you...

As far as the gel goes, I was really expecting more to be in that little tube. I put in in front of my door where I have occasionally seen ants (before the monsoon swept them away) and here is the area it covered. But maybe I squeezed too much out...
yep, that's it.

I was, however, quite pleased that the gel isn't BLACK! I've bought roach gel before and that black icky stuff is less that visually pleasing. A few days later I still see the gel there. I hope some insects have a feast. And die from gluttony. That's harsh and I know they all provide balance to our ecosystem...but until you visit my house and really understand the magnitude of creatures I have to deal with, don't judge me!

And I mean that with all the sweetness inside my heart! for the ant baits, I was happy to see those. They replaced these baits that have been in my house since I moved in 5 years ago!

I understand that the scent is supposed to lure the ants, make them eat, and take it back to the colony and KILL THE QUEEN. I'm a little dramatic today, forgive me! I did not like the smell! I apparently have an ant nose because I had to put the box down for a minute. But I do have an overly sensitive nose and usually smell things others don't. I put them in the corners and crevices anyway. So far no traffic. 

Maybe one of you have an ant problem and are looking for a solution? If so, fill out my little form down low and enter for your chance to win a Combat Source Kill Max kit! But then you have to promise to let me know if it works or you will be banned from any future contests! Not really, but i want to know!


The thoughts and opinions of this post are whole-heartedly my own. I have not been paid in any way...only sent the product to review. 


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Peace and Blessings!!!

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