Thursday, November 1, 2012

Purex With Oxi Giveaway!


Hey guys! As some of you know, I have been packing and preparing to sale my house and live out of a storage unit until I find another the meantime, I have a Purex giveaway (YAY). I'm going to do this contest a little differently.

First of all, Purex is my detergent of choice...and not because I'm always getting free samples! LOL
I have really sensitive skin and even some of the sensitive skin detergents irritate my skin...Purex does not! I love this fact...and the fact that it's not so expensive like OTHER brands.

In comes Purex with Oxi
Usually I use baking soda and white vinegar along with my detergent to "boost" the cleaning and soften the fabric. I skipped that step with this and my clothes were just as clean...and they have been extra dirty lately. Mainly because I'm a klutz...I drained the water heater (which is in the attic) and upon bringing the wet/dry vac down the attic stairs (attic access is in my closet) I managed to waste the entire bucket of dirty water on all of my clothes along the bottom rack of the closet. Go me! And this was no ordinary gunk...5 years of sediment and whatever other garb was in vac before I took it up...

Anywho I was pleasantly pleased at how clean it got my whites without the baking soda and vinegar or bleach...I hate using bleach anyway. So this product gets a thumbs up from me! And no the makers of Purex are not paying me to say this! I've been using Purex for years!

So, you want to know how to win? I have three (3) coupons for free PUREX WITH OXI!! This is how you can have a chance to win...1) become a subscriber of my blog. It's easy...enter your email address in that little box to the right that says "Get your Chocolate Kisses by Email." OR follow by "Joining this site" the button that says "Join this site."

A good thing for those that already follow, you will automatically be entered to win!

Another way...Follow me on Twitter and tweet me saying that you want to win! My Twitter handle is @Chockl8Kiss...

I will host a random drawing and will tweet or email you...or some other form of Cyber Stalking to let you know that you have won! Easy Peasy!!

The giveaway is now closed! Winners will be contacted by email. Thanks to all of my followers! New and old!

Click this link for more infomation on Purex with Oxi and to enter their sweepstakes to have another chance to win! Their prize is up to $1000!

Love you guys to the moon and back! Thanks for your continued support and if any of you want to come to my moving party just let me know! Pizza and drinks will be provided! :)

Happy Days


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