Thursday, December 13, 2012

Moving Madness!

Hey guys!
I just wanted to do a quick check-in to say HAAAAYYYYY! I miss you! I'm happy that the holidays are here and I will have a couple of days off soon to catch my breath. If I haven't said it before, allow me to say it now...I'm NEVER moving again! Unless I'm making major money or my job pays for the packing, moving and unpacking, I'm staying put!

I have never been so exhausted in my life! My mom, the slave driver, came over to unpack the kitchen yesterday. Thank God for her, but she wore me out! By the time she left I was wishing my bedroom was on the main floor! All that up and down the stairs...WOOOOOOO!!!! But the kitchen is completely unpacked and almost resembles a real kitchen :). So for that I am grateful. I also learned that probably 80% of the boxes were full of KITCHEN CRAP!!! This new kitchen is so much bigger than my old kitchen but you wouldn't know it because I'm already bursting at the seams. Good thing I already have all I need for THAT room!
Old Kitchen

New Kitchen--countertops are one of those changes to be made

The move also re-introduced me to stress headaches. Although I hired movers ( to move everything from storage and didn't have to worry about any heavy lifting, I had plenty of other stuff to worry about. Like not having water for 6 days after I moved. And for like, once the water was finally turned on, I discovered a leak in the half bath that required immediate attention. Sooooo, UGH BOO!

But all in all I am already in love with my new house. I have some things that I will have to change/fix-up but nothing really major. Except the carpet in the half bath...I don't understand why anyone would do that, but it has to go PRONTO!

I'm excited to have a new blank canvas to color up. I've picked out some colors but figured I'd better put my furniture together first. Priorities. And two of my couch cushions have mysteriously gone missing...maybe they fled when my dresser met the concrete on a major road...I don't know. All I know is now my couch is snaggletooth. Not a good look.

I am proud of myself for several reasons though.

1. I stepped out on faith and found a house that with a little tweaking will become my dream home. I was scared that I wouldn't be able to do it. But thanks to the most amazing Real Estate agent in the world I was able to! :)

2. I sold a house, bought a house and had jury duty all in the same week. I know. I rock!

3. I learned that I can't always depend on people, but God really has my back and has my best interest at heart. I'm a believer! Not that I haven't always been, but I'm not perfect and I have my moments of doubt. He's never failed me yet!

4. For a few things around the house, I programmed the garage door opener/remote/keypad. I've never had a garage in my life but this was super simple. I learned how to light the pilot on my hot water heater. Never had gas either! But the thought of taking a shower in freezing water while it is super cold outside...wasn't gonna happen!

I thank all of you who listened to me rant and rave about finding/buying a house to no end. I love you to infinity and beyond!!

I don't have internet access at home yet...but once I do, I'll be back to posting on a regular basis.

Until we meet again,
Sending you lots of Chocolate Kisses and wonderful holiday wishes!



  1. Congrats again Ro! Love the kitchen! Can't wait to see more!

    1. Thanks girl! If i could ever get fully unpacked I would be totally and utterly in love! But I'm lazy...very lazy LOL. I planned on having it all done by today...but I'm at work so blah. :)