Friday, May 31, 2013

There's a Party in the U.S.A.

Those of you who are my Facebook friends know that I absolutely LOVE to travel. I was sitting at work thinking about some of the trips I've taken and all of funners times that have been had. I'm so excited that I now will have the opportunity to take my little bean all around. I hope to give her the childhood that my parents weren't able to give me. The only place I traveled to was Carowinds. Sad. To this day I still haven't been to another amusement park, yet.

9 times out of 10 my little bean and I will have birthdays that are very close...if not on the same day. My estimated due date is August 4th and my birthday is August 5th. I've been selfish in saying that I don't want her to be born on my birthday because I want her to have a day that is all her own. But in reality, as long as she makes it here and is healthy I could care less when it is! She is the best birthday present I could ever ask for and I can't wait to kiss her face!

In the spirit of sharing, I wanted to show some of my favorite travel pictures. I look forward to being able to add to many great times that have been had! I haven't traveled outside of the United States for pleasure but look forward to it one day. Where have you been? Where would you recommend I go?

Orlando, FL (before Dwight went to LA)

Atlanta, GA

Houston, TX with my sisters
Folly Beach, SC (It's always about the food!)

Myrtle Beach, SC (Raheem DeVaughn & Chrisette Michelle concert)

Las Vegas, NV (Happy 3 year Anniversary NiQ & Will!)

Miami, FL (Drunk 3 got lost!)

San Juan, PR
San Juan, PR

New Orleans, LA

White sand beaches and crystal blue waters are calling my name!
Have a happy and safe weekend folks!


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