Friday, June 7, 2013

Owl Always Love You!

Baby Shower #2 went down this past weekend. And the theme this time around was OWLS! This is also little boogie's nursery theme...although the walls are still very bare at the present time. This shower was thrown by my sisters and friends. It too was awesome! I realized too late that I didn't get a group shot with everyone and this saddens me...especially since a few people were from out of town.

But it was an enjoyable time and I'm happy that those who could be there took the time to come. It means the world to me! I tell you, I have some freaking awesome friends and family! There actually aren't too many more things that I will have to purchase right away and for that I am BEYOND grateful! Now I just need to start organizing the nursery...and write thank you cards.

I wasn't properly warned that in the third trimester the narcolepsy returns with a vengeance! OMG! I find myself sleeping at the most inopportune times. Like, when my boss is sitting talking to me and one of my eyes suddenly decides it's time to close!

Anywho, here are some pictures! The lighting was really bad, so we all look darker...or maybe I just look darker because these hormones are wrecking havoc on my face and neck...but that is another story!

31 Weeks!

Had to give you a shot of the owl earrings and ring that were given to me as a gifts
Filling in the answers for the game booklet

My mom and one of my sisters
Sweet Treats
The Food Table!
There were about 13 people that helped with this shower. So for the hostess gifts, I made a body scrub and gave them some nail polish. Packaged really pretty and they all loved the scrub!

Awesome times! Thanks again to everyone that attended the showers, everyone that sent gifts and everyone that has been showing me so much love! My gratitude goes beyond what words can express!

Have a happy and safe weekend folks!

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