Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lord, I Am Somebody's Mommy! And A Nursery Tour!

Happy Day Y'all!

Well, my day is more like tired day. I'm beat. My little lady is three weeks old. So far, so tired. I don't know what else to say. Being a single mommy is hard, hard work. Being a mommy period is hard work. Going at it alone, I don't recommend. Of course I had it all worked out. My mom was going to come and stay with us for a few weeks after we left the hospital so that she could help me out. But guess what? She got sick before we were discharged and she is still fighting some nasty respiratory demon. I have a few friends that have been awesome and coming over when they can so that I can rest. For those moments, I am eternally grateful!

I wish I could sleep during the day. I know everybody says sleep when the baby sleeps, but it is physically impossible for me to sleep during the day. I just can't do it. Sure, I can lay in the bed all day until my heart is content, but sleep? Nope. I look forward to the day that she will sleep for at least 4 hours at a time. She's so cute though. I look at her and almost forget that I'm only working off of a few hours of sleep. She's worth it though!

I never got around to doing a lot of posts that I had intended on doing so this is kind of me playing catch up. As for the hospital bag, I used this packing list from Pregnant Chicken

I only packed things that were relevant to me, but of all the lists I found online, this one made the most sense. Take snacks! I delivered at 7:33pm and by the time I got in a room of course the cafeteria was closed. I had a bucket of snacks, but in the haste to get to the hospital and not have the baby on my kitchen floor it was forgotten.

The only thing I would add is clothes for the baby to wear in the hospital. The hospital that I delivered at only put these thin little gowns on the babies and the nurse kept saying "You can change her clothes." So I had to send my sister home to get clothes for her. Which were all too big because she was so small. Unless you know you are having a gigantic baby, take newborn sized clothes. I needed preemie. The second baby essential I ending up having someone to bring was wipes. They only give you one little package. For a normal stay I guess that's fine, but we stayed a week so I had another sister run to the store to buy wipes. They give you an abundance of these dry wipes but who wants to run to the bathroom to wet it? Not I! And especially not at 3 in the morning when I can barely recognize where my feet are.

Now we are home and adjusting as well as can be. I call the doctors for everything. And I do mean everything! I have no clue what to do sometimes and I am not afraid to call them or take her in. We've been to the ER and Urgent Care. The ER because she was breathing funny to me. Turned out that she was full of thick mucous that she could get out on her own and they had to tube suction her out twice. Urgent Care because I couldn't get in with her pediatrician and she was so constipated that she was screaming while trying to poop, in which case it produced nothing or it was a small pebble. They told me to give her 1 oz of prune juice. And guess what? Within an hour of drinking it she was going. But this is not a long term solution. The constipation came from me stopping pumping and putting her strictly on formula, but we will talk about that later. I'm still in my feelings about it.

Her nursery, which she has only napped in once, is mostly complete. I still have a few wall hangings to put up but I'm in no particular rush to do that. She currently sleeps in a bassinet in the room with me. It's convenient with her waking up what seems like every hour. Here are some pictures. I have plans to put blackout curtains in there so once she is sleeping in her crib I don't have to worry about the sun waking her up.

The closet

Henry the Giraffe and Friends

OWL Always Love You!

Still need a tablecloth for this little round table too

Fussing about being in the crib

Trinity's First Bible

Switch plate from one of my coworkers
It was good talking to you guys! Now I have to tend to this crying baby of mine!


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