Thursday, October 31, 2013

Super (Model) Mom and a Sweepstakes!

I really do believe that being a parent gives you super powers. You learn to do EVERYTHING with one, often in the dark, half asleep or in a confined space. You have the power to bring joy to your little ones. When they are hurt, you take away the pain. Here, here for all the super parents!

Yesterday my job held it's annual Staff Engagement Day. This is a day where all of our locations close and the staff members spend the day in an environment of learning (and engaging) with one another. There are learning sessions, fun raffles and usually great food.

One of my favorite things is the photo booth. Usually I am raring to go jump in front of a camera...not so much since having a baby. I've never really been self-conscious but now I find that I am a little. When you're pregnant, people swoon over you and tell you how fabulous you look and are so loving and caring. But the second you pop that baby out you are expected to look like a supermodel immediately. I don't think people really expect that, but by some of the harsh comments that are made that's how it comes across. I think there is a general insensitivity that needs to be addressed.

Don't tell me I'm almost back at my regular size. Don't comment on my belly. Don't you DARE touch my belly. Don't ask me if I'm still pregnant. Yes, all of these comments have been made to me, even though I could fit my regular clothes a week after having my daughter. Jerks.

Anywho, the reason I bought up the photo booth and Staff Engagement Day was because yesterday two of my coworkers made me feel like a Rockstar! We were in line trying to figure out our props. I was trying to find something to cover my midsection and one of them said. "Hey Ronisha! We were just talking about you at lunch." I asked what about and she told me that they all thought that it was so awesome that I looked like a supermodel before baby, I totally rocked out my pregnancy in a supermodel way and now I was back to my regular supermodel self post baby. They layed it on thick but it made me feel so good!

Seriously Fun Times!! #SED2013

It takes 9 months to cook a baby, so please at least give new mommies that same amount of time (PLUS MORE) before you comment on the state of their bodies. Matter of fact, how about just DON'T COMMENT if you have nothing nice to say. You never know someone's mental state and it is hard work adjusting to becoming a mom. Not everyone is able to even think about working out or getting "Snatched" as Tamar Braxton would say. I would hate for an insensitive comment to make someone feel bad about themselves at a time when they may already be a little self-conscious.

Even though this isn't a cure all for the things jerks say, Purex is saluting mothers and YOU have the opportunity to win a much needed day off!! You can enter this contest for yourself or nominate a deserving mom. The winner will receive a maid service to clean the house and do the laundry, a mani-pedi, a babysitter to watch the kids and dinner will be delivered. Awesome right?!

What do you have to do to win? Click this link to enter!

Purex will be selecting the winners, not me. Good luck to all that enter! All moms deserve a day off!


PS-Happy Halloween!

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