Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Happy Half Birthday Baby Magic!

Today Trinity is 6 months old! I can't believe how fast time flies! You always hear people say "Cherish the time you have with them." And you really should! It does not seem like there has been time for 6 months to go by! Even through the sleep deprivation...time really FLIES!

This little darling is such a joy! Even on the days that I just don't feel like it (it meaning any and everything) she looks up and my mood changes.

So, what is she doing now? She's been experimenting with food. I'm doing a mix of pureed food and the Baby Led Weaning approach. I'm really only doing the pureed food because I have some at home. She likes getting the spoon to her own mouth and picking up food on her own. The girl is independent! So far she has had bananas, avocado, Lima beans, black-eyed peas, a chicken drumstick bone, buttery crackers, baby food carrots and pears. She tasted a meatball but wasn't fond of it and threw it on the floor. OH she has also had chili because she snatched my spoon out the bowl when I turned my head (see picture below). She seems to love chomping stuff down and there usually isn't anything much spit out. I'm going to start trying to give her one meal every day. So far it has just been sporadic. BTW, with the beans and peas, I smoosh them between my fingers and put them in her mouth as she doesn't have the pincer grasp down yet. (Beware of the poo-poo that comes after beans!)

The Great Chili Heist!

Bananas and water (Ikea cup)

Pears in mesh thingy

She's trying to sit up on her own and boy is she getting there! She also likes to lunge at me lol. I haven't seen her do this to anyone else so maybe it's her way of showing affection LOL. She also likes to grab my ears and growl at me...I think in her mind she is giving me a big juicy kiss! I love it! 

We are experimenting with sippy cups. I haven't bought a straw cup yet because I'm scared she might swallow too much air. She's not a fan of the sippy cups yet though.

Just look at those dimples!
So that is what we've been up to. What have you guys been up to? Because I think all of the faces she makes (mostly learned from her grandpa) are hilarious, here is one wishing you a happy week!

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