Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My 1st Mother's Day

Hi folks!

I hope all of the mothers had a peaceful mother's day! My day was good overall. I wish I could say that I was surrounded by nothingness all day but such was not the case. The day was filled with hot flashes, attitudes and good food (that arrived hours later than it should have). Next year I think I will just make a reservation. It may only be for me and Trinity but that will certainly save my sanity.

I spent a great deal of the day with my mom and we had a good time laughing, shopping and wishing my sisters would hurry up with the food. Yes I have to mention that again lol.

I realized a lot of things on Mother's Day. Those that love you will show it, even if it is in a very simplistic way. I woke up, drank coffee out of a mug Trinity "ordered" for me, smelled a dozen beautiful roses, read a few heartfelt cards, attended church with my family, visited with my grandmother, received and made a lot of texts...and I hugged my little sugar dumpling until she wouldn't let me hug her anymore.

This day, although some say it's like any other day, is a special day and should be treated as such. A day of recognition for moms who sometimes don't get any recognition. A day to say "You're appreciated." A day that recognizes all that mothers do to keep a family running. So from the very bottom of my soul, I say thank you to every single person that thought of me on that day. It was a little emotional for me. Who am I kidding, it was a lot emotional for me and I appreciated the cards, the gifts, Facebook messages and comments and the "you're doing a great job" encouragement. Motherhood is hard. It should be recognized daily, but often isn't.

I salute you mothers!

Smile! We love you!

The only picture she would let me get a good shot of in her pretty dress.

Crying because we were hungry!
Wishing you the best!

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