Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Think Like A Man Too Review

Anyone who knows me knows that music and movies are my thing. I can eat with the best of them...but you give me a good movie, show or CD and I BINGE on it! LOL. Watched the second season of House of Cards in a weekend. I ain't playing.

So needless to say anytime I receive FREE movie or concert tickets I try to make it. I think I may start being a part time movie critic. Sony sent me (and apparently the rest of Columbia) free passes for the pre-screening of Think Like A Man Too. Now, I read Steve Harvey's books and some of the points I agree with and others I disagree strongly with. But I won't go there today.

If you haven't seen the first movie, I recommend watching that so that you can watch the characters develop. This one's release date is June 20th. See the preview below.

Now Sony nor Screen Gems is compensating me for this review...I'm doing it because I want to. What I didn't like was that the majority of the theater was reserved for "VIPs" and we had to sit in the break your neck section (you know those rows on the front that you have to lean back to see). And we all couldn't sit together because of the reserving of seats. I don't know how they got a VIP seat but I was mad lol.

Overall, the movie was good. There were some points that were so dramatic I couldn't take it, but that's what movies are for. We like to fantasize about the dream coming true and I could appreciate that about the movie. Kevin Hart is a hilarious train wreck but I love him!

I had some much needed laughs. I think the guys that accompanied us enjoyed the movie as well (so it wasn't just a chick flick). The characters worked really well with one another and it was a great follow up film.
Would I pay to see it? Yes!

Make sure you go and check this out. I think it's worth it! I'm trying to tell about the movie without giving much away, so just know that I give it a thumbs up and think you should go and see it. It makes a great date night movie!


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