Thursday, July 10, 2014

Radioactive Iodine Therapy Follow Up Number 2

Today I had my second follow-up. It's crazy how we hear something that wasn't really said. I guess I just expected the worst. But when I went to have my blood drawn last week, I made an appointment for next week to see the doctor. The scheduler called me back soon after I left and said that my doctor would like to see me much sooner because of the way my levels were reading.

I took this news as I had to have a second dose of RAI because the last time I saw him my levels were still high. I should have asked more questions instead of freaking out and assuming the worst. How does that saying about assuming go?

Anyways, today's appointment was great. My thyroid is dead! No trace of hormone in my blood. But why do I still feel horribly? And why am I gaining this damned weight? I mean I'm seriously busting out of my pants! Now I'm too low on the hypothyroidism scale. But that's ok because now I can start Synthroid!

I've actually already started it. I took the first dose at the pharmacy. He said I should start to feel better in about 2 weeks and the weight should come back off. I gotta eat right and exercise though. I never thought I would be so happy to hear that I can start exercising!

My heart rate was 55 today! I don't think it's EVER been that low! YAY!!

So I'm excited, but tired. I just wanted to catch up those that have been following my journey and thank all of those that are praying with me!

I heart you guys!


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