Tuesday, July 1, 2014

RAI Round 2, Here I Come.

Hey guys...
Just a quick little rant. This morning I went in for my second round of follow-up blood work. The last time my levels were still high so we waited 4 more weeks to see what they would do. Well, they are even higher! How is this possible?! What kind of mutant thyroid do I have?! They are so out of whack that my doctor wants to see me on Thursday but I can't make that happen. So I'll see him next week.

I'm so frustrated. How in the hell am I supposed to "manage my stress" when the very reason I need to manage it is what is stressing me out the most?

Sigh. To have a disease that not many understand is so frustrating. I don't even understand it. I'm gaining weight when on paper, I should be losing. I can't sleep a stretch longer than 4 hours no matter how hard I try and I'm always, and I do mean ALWAYS, tired.

That on top of taking care of my kid and working full time. Oy! So round two of Radioactive Iodine therapy, here I come. I wish he would just take the dang thyroid out!

Please send up prayers for me.


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