Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ball of Confusion

The past two weeks have been mostly a blur. Thank goodness I have tons of pictures in my phone to remind me of everything that has happened.

To start it off, Trinity was sick. Very sick. Her fever got up to 105.6. What is a momma to do?! We ended up in the ER three times. I'm sick just waiting on the bills. She ended up having to have blood drawn, a catheter to collect urine, a chest X-Ray and 4 shots over those visits. After the fever broke, she broke out in a rash from head to toe. All they told me was "probably viral." What? Seriously, all of that and that's the diagnosis?!

During those visits, I learned that there is a toilet in each ER room...and that these rooms are poorly cleaned. No, I did not use the toilet! My sister pushed the flusher thinking it was the water...and my mom promptly corrected us and said "Quit flushing the toilet!" LOL It was hilarious!

My niece Emonee turned 7! She was supposed to have a Princess Sophia themed party, but it turned into a sleepover due to rain. I made her cake (cupcake pull apart). I'm very proud of it! Especially considering my carpal tunnel was severely inflamed and Trin was very clingy and wouldn't let anyone else hold her. The inspiration came from a post I saw on Facebook and Pinterest.

All of my mother's children were in the same place. This only happens once every couple of we cherish these moments. I didn't get to hang out with everyone like I would have liked to, but we made it work as best we could.

I made a horrible recipe that I found on Pinterest. Everyone said it was simply delish when I read the reviews. Liars! It was gross.

My mailbox was totaled. The person that committed this felonious act came forward and paid restitution. He was forgiven.

And last but definitely not least, Trinity is feeling better! It's been a long week! But thank God for Jesus! Her auntie bought her these shoes, which she wasn't sure about due to the weight of them...but then she didn't want to take them off! LOL

Wishing you all Happy Trails!!

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