Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sometimes it's Good to Suck!

So I broke Baby Magic's suction bulb syringe thing trying to clean it. I went to multiple stores to find a big one like the one they give you at the hospitals and not one store had the big one! The little ones just don't do the job. I saw this thing. 

I've heard stories about the Nose Frida being the best to use so I thought "What the hell?" The poor baby is so congested I'll do whatever I can to help her...

We just got home and I gave this little guy a whirl and man! I wish I had bought one sooner! This sucked out all the crud! Now I need to go take a puff from my inhaler but it's worth it! I got this for $12.99 from Walgreens. I'm going to start giving these out as my new mom gifts! Thinking about all the times I had to take her to get deep suctioned at the doctor I could have saved both of us some grief!

You have to put a wad of tissue in there so you don't suck in the nastiness but this is so much easier and more efficient than a bulb syringe!!!

This has made both of us happy. Now hopefully she won't swallow so much gunk. Until she learns to blow, this is what I'll be using. I don't know if her grandma will be so willing though lol! 

Summer colds suck but hopefully this will get us through!


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