Thursday, November 20, 2014

Baby Magic is 16 Months!

You blink your eye and your baby is no longer a baby. Man. This journey is truly zooming by! I need it to slow down just a little. Soon she will be two! Although I'm already experiencing some terribleness at 1! I can only pray that the tantrums subside. Although, I know her sense of independence will only get stronger. Which, I don't think I would ever minimize that...she gets it honestly.

I just can't believe how fast time goes by. I never have time to do anything it seems, yet it seems that I'm always doing SOMETHING! LOL She is a treat...still refusing milk out of anything other than a bottle. Her doctor has recommended a few things to try and I've researched more things to try. Nothing helps. Nothing. She will drink water or juice from almost anything. But milk...nope. Only out of her bottle. And she's even particular about the bottle it's in. Sigh. I would really like to hear what some of you guys have done in this situation. I have seriously bought every type of sippy/straw/360 cup that they make. I should be able to claim cups on my taxes. Real talk. I've also tried thinning it out with water, putting water in the bottle, milk in the cup, mixing a teensy bit of chocolate syrup in, etc. Yesterday, I accidentally left her bottle home and guess what? She refused milk ALL DAY! She drank water fine out of a straw cup though. I need help!

She's a joy most of the time. Right now she has 4 teeth coming in...two of which are molars. At least they are coming together, but the child is miserable! She's also in the 93rd percentile for height...and like the 23rd for weight lol. But she eats! I promise!

What is she up to these days:
Running. A lot. Skipping some, eating with a fork (see video below), rolling her eyes with conviction, talking back (although I'm the only one that understands), maybe 25 word vocabulary- dog and roof roof are her favorite, climbs up everything...still hates getting her hair done (by me anyway). She is singing now but I can't for the life of me figure out what...and she still LOVES to dance, so I'm still calling her Boogie...and Butt Butt. She will grow to hate the latter because that's the one that's sticking LOL!

I'm cherishing these days because before I know it she will be starting school! What the world?! I just had her!

Ok, I'm going to wallow in a corner now. Enjoy her latest videos below.


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