Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Dial Hand Soaps Review and Giveaway!

Clean hands. Don't you just love clean hands?! I do! And I've passed this on to my 1 year old. But that's not a bad thing in my opinion! Wash away the germs!

So this giveaway is actually reviewing 2 Dial hand soaps. I had every intention of doing separate reviews...but time hasn't been on my side AND one of my sets of coupons is for the wrong product! OOPS.

So, I've made an executive and sleepy decision to combine them.

The first is Dial Sugar Cane Husk Scrub Hand Wash. OMG if no one enters this giveaway I seriously won't be mad! This stuff smells edible and has tremendous cleansing properties! No they didn't tell me to say that either! I spray painted my mailbox (and half of my hand) and this scrub seriously removed most of the paint after it had dried! I ain't lying y'all! Even if you don't win this giveaway you should try it-but I hope you enter and win!

It's exfoliating, but not to the point that it scratches up your hands and it's super moisturizing! I think it's my new favorite!

And now for the second one. Well, I was sent a bottle of the Dial Miracle Oil hand wash, but they sent me coupons for Dial Complete Omega Moisture Foaming hand wash...so I'm going to give you my short and sweet review of the Miracle Oil. My feelings are the same as they were with the body wash (did you enter that giveaway?). It's very moisturizing and that makes me like it...but I'm not fond of the smell after a while. So, I'll be taking this to work and putting it on the sink in one of the bathrooms. I just hope no one uses too much at once!

But you don't have to worry about that because this coupon is for a product I can't tell you about. When you win, come back and tell me what you think of the Omega Moisture! LOL

So be sure to enter and get your hands ready to beat the heat of the Spring and Summer!

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Keep clean hands my friends!

*I was sent these products to test and review. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions are my own.*


  1. It sounds like they smell so good! Taking a walk outside really relaxes me. I love walking near the nature trails by our house-I get my exercise and stress relief all at the same time!

    1. Hi Meena!
      We have a good 2 weeks MAYBE when it's comfortable enough to walk. Between the heat and the pollen it's horrible! We never really have a real Spring...I'm hoping for one this year. But yes, walks are very relaxing!

    2. My husband is allergic to pollen so walking outside is a pain for him in the spring. Hopefully, you'll get a nice spring this year!

    3. It's already close to the 90s here! LOL

    4. No way! Talk about a heat wave lol.