Thursday, July 30, 2015

Baby Magic's 2nd Birthday!


That my friend, is the sound of time speeding by! I guess I should stop calling her a baby. But I won't! She will always be my little baby! Even when she is taller than me (which I know is going to happen).

I decided not to throw a big fancy party this year. My initial plan was to just have hot dogs, cake and ice cream with our immediate family. This was frowned upon by many. So we ventured to our local CiCi's Pizza. I made a cupcake pull apart cake and put together some goody bags, oh and made cake pops. It was pretty much stress free. Except CiCi's was stupid busy for a Tuesday night and it was HOT inside the restaurant.

Boogie enjoyed herself tremendously...and there are several toes that got ran over by a doll stroller to prove it! We are eternally grateful for our friends and family that continue to make our lives special and filled with love!

She is still very much obsessed with Dora the Explorer (and her cousin Diego). So I let that be the theme. I ordered some little figurines from an Ebay seller in China for the cake and found the loot bags and the goodies it was stuffed with at Party City. Super simple!

Of course I had to consult my favorite site, Pinterest, for cake ideas. I came up with several. Once I printed them out, I left them sitting around and the one I went with was what Boogie picked out. She was pleased and so was I!

At first I was a little intimidated, but I pushed on through and came up with this! I wish I could take all the credit, but the idea was totally found on Pinterest. I just improvised with the items I had in the pantry.

I stuffed the spaces in between the cupcakes with marshmallows so I wouldn't have to use so much frosting!

The completed cake!
I used cake pops for "trees", the bridge is Tootsie Rolls cut in half, the path is made of granola and the little bushes are marshmallows covered in buttercream with flower shaped sprinkles.

She loved her cake! Even if she cried the entire time we sang "Happy Birthday!" Thanks to all that celebrated with us physically and in spirit! We appreciate the love and all the gifts!

She REFUSED to take a decent picture...she wanted the camera!

One of many tantrums thrown that day

The Cake Pops


Must. Open. Gifts!

They were so impressed. This is why I bake!


I didn't do it!

Content in her new Zebra Recliner

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