Friday, August 7, 2015

Hypothyroidism at 1 Year

It has now been a little over a year since I have officially been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. I saw my Endocrinologist about a week ago. The visit was the shortest we've ever had. However it made a dramatic impact on me and my now life.

When the nurse called me to get my vitals, I didn't want to get on the scale. I could feel how heavy I am and it shows in my clothes. I mostly wear dresses...well for two reasons I wear dresses. Number one being that it is hot as all get out in Columbia and number two being that I can't fit my pants and I refuse to buy new ones. So if you read my birthday post and saw the pictures, no I'm not's glandular! LOL I'll never forget that episode of the Simpsons!

I wish she had taken my blood pressure before I got on that scale. I don't think my blood pressure has come down since I saw that number that is much too close to my weight at 37 weeks pregnant. As much as I would like to blame all of the weight gain on hypothyroidism, I can't. I've been eating like a maniac and I know I have to get it together. That number, the big one that I saw on the scale has scared the mess out of me! So now, a healthier journey begins.

Well, then I go in to see my Dr. and he reads my lab reports and says "We're getting close, but not there yet." He asked me how I feel, I said not as tired, but more fat. He laughs and says it will be easier to lose the weight when I'm at the right dosage of Synthroid. I have a hard time believing this. He then fills a new prescription for a higher dose and says "See you in 3 months." The end.

I am less tired. I don't have as much muscle soreness. So yeah, I guess I can feel that the medicine is actually working. I'm keeping a positive outlook and hoping we get to the proper dose soon!

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