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I feel like I need to talk to you guys about this. It's major. When Boogie turned two it was like something clicked in her head and told her she is supposed to do all things like a "big girl." She's been showing interest in potty training since she was about 1.5. But I couldn't take it LOL. I wasn't ready. At all. I mean, who wants their baby to not be a baby anymore?!

I'll tell you what I was ready for though...not buying diapers. It's like I got a pay increase! YAY!!

So as it began, I bought several types of potty seats. The first order, I purchased 2 of the same so she could have one at home and one at grandma's house. Well, that seat had a little too much "lip" in the front and she had a hard time sitting on it. So that was wasted money. Twice. I guess that seat is better for a boy to catch any sprays. I didn't do too much research.

So then I thought, well maybe if the seat appealed to her little girly personality it will help her right? And I bought a princess potty chair that plays music when the little sensor at the bottom is triggered. A few times she pooped in it all on her own (sometimes not all of it making it in the bowl) and I was crazy proud! Like she's doing this on her own! I was checking out dvds and reading books to help her know what the potty is for and I thought I had found a winner. Until it came time to clean out the bowl. Gross.

Surely, there had to be a better way! And YES there IS! Enter the seat that goes over the toilet so that mommy doesn't have to touch the mess! I mean that is the whole point of getting rid of the diapers anyway right?! LOL!
She immediately fell in love and wanted to use the big potty! Now, I still have to make sure I'm staying aware of what she's drinking and take her in there and help her out, but she climbs up, does her business, cleans herself and flushes the toilet all on her own. Most of the time she remembers to wash her hands, but I'm right there to remind her of that too. I'll be glad to see the days of no training pants, but we going through 3 at the absolute max a day. She's better about telling when she has to poop than pee...but pee is so much easier to clean up!

OHHH and when we are out and about I take along this folding potty seat that I wash in the sink of public bathrooms when she's done. It's so convenient and so much easier to carry around than the ones that don't fold...but she has 2 of those too. And they come in handy to take along to auntie's or grandma's house.
I'm so proud of her. I'm not rushing her to do it, she wants to do it. I don't get angry when she has an accident. I don't use a chart. I do tell her that she did a good job when she makes it to the potty on time and actually uses it. Sometimes she just sits there so she can wipe and flush. Not bad things lol.

Time flies when you're raising a kid. For real! I purchased all of these from Amazon.



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