Friday, April 8, 2016

Spring Things

Hey guys!

It's been so long since I shared a recipe! Truth is...I've been eating a heck of a lot of salad! I'm down 20 pounds, but I'm still country thick and want to drop about 15-20 more pounds. I've been following (loosely) the South Beach Diet. It works if you work it. Some days (let's be honest, weeks) my sugar addiction gets the best of me!

I'm trying to be healthier and be around for my kid! The flip side of being healthier while living with other people is that they don't want to eat the healthy stuff most of the time. AND THEY ALWAYS BUY UNHEALTHY SNACKS! Always. This makes it a million times more difficult. Especially when a chocolate dipped ice cream cone is staring you in the face.

I've been struggling to find the balance of what they want to eat and what I need to eat. Sometimes I'll remix a recipe they normally love to make it healthier so that I don't have to cook a separate meal for myself and they won't touch it. Then it eventually gets tossed because I only want to eat so much of it. And my little Boogie needs all the fat she can get. But she tries almost anything, unless it has sauce on it lol.

With all that being said, the other day I made some meatballs. Covered in gravy. And they didn't eat it. They were super delish to me the night that I made them. But the next day I didn't like them. So guess what? I threw them in the trash. Waste of money. But you can find the recipe HERE. Just be sure not to turn the meatballs too soon, or they will fall apart. I'm impatient.

My doctor (one of many) wants to try to "heal my stomach" and gave me this super restrictive list of things I shouldn't eat. I'm following it about 85% but I have noticed less issues with GERD. Crazy to think I had that surgery and STILL have heartburn and stomach issues. But I ain't going without coffee for 12 weeks for nobody. I've cut back...

Boogie has now been in daycare over a month. It took her a full 4 weeks to stop crying when I drop her off. And on the 6th week, guess what? She's back to crying at drop off. I thought that letting her skip a day and hang out with her grandparents would get her back on track but that only made it worse. Now every morning she tells me she doesn't want to go to school and she wants to stay home with Ma-Ma. No. LOL

But otherwise she is learning a ton. I wish I had started her earlier so that her social interactions would be a little better, but I'm sure that will get better with time. She sings her grace before eating and it's the cutest thing. And I can barely understand what she's saying.

I'm close to having my own place again (fingers crossed). I can't believe we've stayed with my parents almost a year! It's been nice to be able to save money and have help with the kid though. The transition is going to be rough for all of us. You guys keep your fingers crossed and lift up some prayers and positive thoughts that this thing works out!

I'd better do some work now!!


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