Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Purex with Clorox Giveaway!

Hi guys! This is going to be the fastest giveaway ever, and that's my fault. I've been busy moving! I hate with a passion. My fingers barely want to work to type this post because they are so tired!

So I was sent a bottle of Purex with Clorox to test out for you guys. And that means 3 of you win too!

I didn't tell you guys about the flood that happened here in October of last year. I had started typing a post, but I never finished it. But, I was affected. I lost a lot of things. In the midst of all of that, I ended up having to put a storage shed in my dad's backyard. Well, all of my stuff couldn't fit in the shed, so I ended up leaving some of it in plastic bins and vacuum seal bags under the gazebo. This was with the expectation of finding a house much sooner than I actually did.

As you can imagine, the clothing that were in the bins for 6 months baring the elements smelled HORRID! This Purex with Clorox worked wonders to clean those clothes! also know that I have an almost 3 year old. She is a neat freak when it comes to her hands and clothes being clean. But she has not yet mastered the art of spaghetti eating LOL! So I pretreated a dress that she had on without a bib...eating spaghetti with Purex with Clorox.



As you can see, the spaghetti stains are still there...but I didn't immediately treat the dress after she ate. So I'm taking the fault for that. It did, however clean her dingy socks!

So would I recommend Purex with Clorox? Absolutely! In fact, I have already bought a bottle of the biggest size for the rest of the clothes I need to wash up.

If you would like to enter to try Purex with Clorox, enter below or visit Chocolate Kisses on Facebook to enter!

Have a clean day folks!


**The giveaway ends soon so hurry and enter! I was sent this bottle for free, for my honest opinion of the product. All views here are my own.**

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  1. I can't think of one single item that stands out, but right now we are dealing with a lot of grass stains and those are very difficult.

    1. I haven't had the pleasure of trying to get grass out...yet!

  2. Anything that has grass or grease stains are the worst.

    1. I think the greasy component of this spaghetti is what made this spaghetti stain so difficult!

  3. My hardest piece of laundry would be my husbands oil stained jeans.