Friday, July 28, 2017

Custom Treat Bags - You Can Do It Too!

I've been seeing these custom treat bags float around the internet. My interest was piqued just a little. Then, I was in the Dollar Tree trying to figure out what I could do for her class that didn't involve me baking for 2 days. I picked up a pack of clear cellophane bags, put them down, and then picked up colored paper bags. I put those down too. I wanted to do something different.

I searched high and low on Pinterest and Google to find zilch that would help me. I was at the point that I was about to purchase a template from Etsy. There HAD to be another way. To YouTube I went. I found this video that included a FREE template. SCORE! I mean the one I was going to buy was less than $2, but I knew someone had to have something for free.

I downloaded the template, some Moana images from Google (thanks internet) and got to designing. I needed to have these bags completed the same day I decided to do this so I had to work fast. I designed them and printed them on my lunch break! Say what?! Yes! That simple!

The bag itself is just regular 8.5 x 11 copier paper. It looks waxy because the ink that the library here currently uses, is in fact wax.

I needed to have these completed to take to Baby Magic's class the next morning.So I had to get busy. If I had given myself more time, I would have done a little more designing. So, I printed them on my lunch break, went to Dollar General after work (for candy) and assembled them at home.

Materials you will need:

Printed images of your choosing
Glue gun with LOTS of glue sticks
Filling for the bags (candy, non-greasy chips, cotton candy, etc.)
Pinking shears or other patterned scissors (optional)

This is what it looks like once the bag is designed. The middle image will be the front of the bag. The two side images will join to be the back of the bag.

Fold along the black lines just at the bottom to create a seam. Glue the bottom seam together. Be careful that the edges match up properly.

This is what the bag should look like with the bottom glued properly. Now glue the middle seam, being careful not to glue the back to the front. 

Once you glue the middle seam, pop the bag open just to make sure it's not glued closed. Fill the bag, and glue the top seam closed.

Use pinking shears or scissors with a designed edge to finish it off.

See? Easy! I used Microsoft Publisher to design my bags. The font that I used is Flat Earth Scribe. Be sure not to burn yourself with the hot glue! I guess you could also use double sided tape or glue dots. I saw someone glue the top of a ziploc bag in theirs so that it would be resealable (genius). I also saw that someone used brochure paper. I don't have experience with this and was in such a time crunch that I didn't investigate much. I knew I wasn't putting anything perishable or greasy in the bags so it didn't matter much. I didn't crease all the way up the bag because I wanted it to resemble more of a chip bag. I made a text box in Microsoft Word to design the Nutrition Facts section. The possibilities for these are endless!

I hope you can read the Nutrition Facts! 
I hope this tutorial helps someone! Good luck and happy crafting!!

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