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Blackkklansman - A Movie Review

If you plan to see the movie and haven't made it yet, don't read this.

I'm a fan of Spike Lee joints. I doubt this will ever change. I also recognize that some people are not. I was excited about this since I found out it would be a Spike Lee movie. Now that I've seen it, I'm going to see it again!

America doesn't like to talk about race. Period. Don't fight me on this. This movie is based on events that took place in the 1970s. And guess what? Not much has changed.

John David Washington did an AMAZING job! I don't need to mention that he is Denzel Washington's son, because he held his own. But now I've mentioned it. All of the actors did an amazing job, in fact! I can't imagine how difficult it was to do some of the scenes, but they pulled it off and were believable.

Ron Stallworth became one of Colorado Springs' first Black police officers in a time where the term "Colored" was considered to be polite. I won't get into t…
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Kinston, NC

Each year my job holds what we call a "Staff Engagement Day." It's a day full of information, snacks, seeing everyone that works in our soon to be 13 locations, and most of all, the day our Staff Association holds the annual basket raffle. It's absolutely the most exciting part of the day. It also is the biggest fundraiser for the association.

What is a basket raffle? Well, each department, location, floor of our system creates a basket. Sometimes we combine forces and it can be a combination of any department or location. Baskets are usually themed. There will always be a "Gamecock" basket chock full of goodies and paraphernalia from our beloved University of South Carolina. There also is usually a money themed basket and almost always an alcohol themed basked. We love our wine!

In my many years of working here, I have won 4 baskets. Two within my first 3 years of working here and the last two years I have been fortunate to win 2 years in a row. I probably…

Cheers to 35 Years!

I turned 35!

I'm blessed to see another birthday. Last year, I wished for love. It didn't happen. Actually, it did, kind of. But it ended in heartbreak just as fast as it came. This year, I wished for peace. Peace for myself, peace for my family and friends, peace for our nation, and peace for the world.

I'm entering into 35 more calm and with fewer expectations. My goal is to simply live. Live happily.  What is meant to happen will. No more pressure to have this "thing" by this "age" because it isn't realistic. And to be honest, I drove myself crazy with it last year. No more outside pressure from other people about what I need. I need peace. I don't need pressure. I don't need someone else's vision of what my happy life looks like.

Peace. I am happy. I am blessed. I am grateful. I am 35!

In an attempt to not do much, I had planned to attend a brunch that was being held on my birthday. It was perfect. Unlimited mimosas, food, and entert…

Essence Festival 2018

I've been to Essence Festival before. Twice before actually. And I've never seen it like this. I don't even think the last time I went to Mardi Gras it was like this.
All thanks to the movie Girls Trip! BABY! When I tell you groups of girlfriends were out there in DROVES! It was too many people LOL. I became so introverted. I couldn't deal. There were too many people on Bourbon Street! I could NOT take it. 
We drove. A friend of a friend drove the entire way there and back! She was a trooper! But I don't think I ever want to do that again! I'm just not built for long road trips. But kudos to her for pushing through!
Aside from not being able to take part in witness any drunken foolery, I had a blast! We went to concerts each night and man oh man! I saw so many people that I probably wouldn't have otherwise spent money to see. There were lots of technical difficulties though. So next year, tighten up Essence, Super Dome, or whomever was responsible for the s…